Update HTC Droid Incredible to latest Gingerbread (4.08.605.2)

If you own a HTC Droid Incredible and have had (major) issues updating your device to Gingerbread, you’re definitely not alone.

As previously noted, Verizon/HTC tried to roll-out Gingerbread (Android 2.3) to the original Incredible a few months back only to end up pulling it due to bugs. Then, last week, they tried again with a new OTA update (4.08.605.2), which is supposed to fix the issues with the prior build (4.06.605.3). But alas, I had one helluva frustrating time getting the update to install successfully.

For those of us who never received the first Gingerbread update, we were prompted to download and install 4.06.605.3. I was able to do so with no issues, well no install issues; “low space” issues proceeded to show up regularly post-installation. Then, when I was prompted to install the newest update, I was greeted with an error telling me I didn’t have sufficient room and should uninstall Gmail and/or other mail apps. Great.

To make a long story slightly less so, I ended up finding these instructions, which I followed, only to receive the same error. I ended up clearing Gmail’s cache, and went an extra step…uninstalled the app. I followed the (above) instructions once more and, voila, was able to successfully install 4.08.605.2!

Clearly, Verizon and HTC have a long way to go in the update department; this was an absolutely atrocious user/support experience. All I can hope is that this post helps a few folks avoid hours of frustration.