That Was (Windows) Easy (Transfer)

If you’ve ever owned a Windows PC, than you’ve almost certainly come to a point when your machine stops behaving properly. Maybe it’s cause of something you did (perhaps all of your apps are not completely legitimate, for example), or maybe it was just Windows being Windows.

In this particular instance, I am going to diagnose my recent troubles as the latter — Windows being Windows. After 2 years of relatively trouble-free computing, my Studio XPS 435MT began to pop (aka crash) on a regular and foreseeable basis. After wasting several hours with Dell support, and doing my own troubleshooting, I decided to bite the bullet and reformat my machine.

Similar to how I installed Win7 the first time around, instead of formatting an existing hard drive, I went out and bought a new 1TB drive to start afresh. However, before I re-installed Win7 on the new disk, I spent hours meticulously backing up all of my precious files. Somewhere along the line, I realized it would be great if I could somehow maintain all of my system settings and preferences, and stumbled across Windows Easy Transfer.

While a lot of Windows 7 is great, it is still, well, Windows in the end…meaning that I wasn’t entirely sure how well the Easy Transfer tool would work in the end.

Fortunately, the tool is super easy to use and actually worked like a charm. When combined with Ninite, setting up my fresh install was rather painless. For a quick tutorial on using Windows Easy Transfer, I’ve embedded a (third-party) video walk-through below.

Good luck with your transfer!