Review: Belkin Snap Shield for iPad 2

Update (7/1/11): Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 corners have begun to crack under very light use. I’ve contacted Belkin, will report back. 🙁

Alas! I’ve finally found the “case” I’ve been looking for since I first got my iPad 2 – the Belkin Snap Shield.

Available in both clear (right, which is still lightly frosted) and smoke, the Belkin Snap Shield for iPad 2 is the perfect compliment to Apple’s Smart Cover. It not only protects the iPad’s back from scratches and wear, but it also covers as much of the sides as possible.

Made out of firm but somewhat pliable plastic, the Shield weighs practically nothing and adds next to no bulk to the iPad’s incredibly svelte stature. Unlike another “case” that I bought and have since returned (the Enki Genius Case for iPad 2, which didn’t fit the device at all) that was made out of rigid plastic, the Snap Shield not only provides some added grip, but feels like it is better equipped to absorb impact(s).

Finally, the Snap Shield, fittingly, snaps right into place. The fit is so good it seems like Apple might have produced it themselves. And for $29.99 (online; I paid $39.99 at my local Best Buy), this is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a Smart Cover sidekick to protect your toy investment.