Extend a gadget’s manufacturer’s warranty for free with AMEX

OK, so maybe y’all knew this already, but apparently when you purchase electronics* with an American Express, AMEX will automatically extend the original manufacturer’s warranty for up to an additional year…for free.

Excited by this news, I called AMEX to confirm that the iPad, for example, is in fact eligible for the additional coverage — it is. Thus, the iPad 2 I happened to order with my Costco AMEX a couple weeks back (I don’t usually use that card for anything other than Costco stuff) now effectively has a 2 year warranty right out of the box.

Considering that Apple’s own extended coverage, Apple Care, doesn’t really provide anything (I don’t count the non-hardware “support”) other than an additional year of protection (e.g., does NOT cover spills or theft), why dish out the money when you don’t have to.

For the record, I’m not receiving a penny of compensation from AMEX for this post, and I do admittedly feel kind of silly promoting the card so heavily, but a perk is a perk is a perk. With that said, I’ll definitely be purchasing most electronics going forward with my shiny blue-green Costco AMEX…that’s a no brainer.

*Applies to most purchases, including computers