Wordfeud: A better, seemingly safer alternative to WordWise

Several months back, I wrote about how I thought WordWise was the best Scrabble-like Android app available. Well that was then, and this is now.

As that post notes at the top, several changes were made to WordWise over the last many updates. Sure, frequent updates and feature additions are generally welcome, but not always.

While the developers of WordWise may have (recently) corrected the terribly annoying “feature” of having to install a third-party app to receive notifications by recently instituting their own, IMHO, it’s too little, too late.

Besides its unattractive interface (that’s putting it nicely), what really tipped me overboard is WordWise’s unnecessarily intrusive permissions1:

Now compare those to Wordfeud’s permissions2:

Independent of each app’s “needs,” I also just like Wordfeud better — it has a better all around design and better game play (you don’t have to navigate into a menu to play a word, for example). You can engage opponents via chat, and notifications work well. Otherwise, like WordWise, it’s just another Scrabble clone. It’s killer feature is being less intrusive than the next guy (er, app). And for me, that’s good enough reason to switch.

With all that said, let’s not even talk about how Words with Friends is coming to now available on Android. Putting Zynga (Words with Friends’ new overlord, er owner) aside, Wordfeud is definitely where (faux Scrabble) it’s at.

1WordWise Android Market Permissions
2Wordfeud Android Market Permissions