Camera360 brings HDR and other camera effects to Android

What can I say, I’m a sucker for contrast. I’ve always admired high contrast, black and white photographs. More recently, I’ve developed a thing for high dynamic range (aka HDR) images; I simply can’t get enough of ’em.

While Apple has recently-ish added the ability to take native HDR images to its iThings, Android’s stock camera app has yet to receive such an upgrade. Luckily, there is an app for that – Camera360.

Available in free and paid flavors, Camera360 brings a plethora of camera effects and modes to Android, including HDR. Well, to be fair, it takes simulated HDR photos; it doesn’t actually take three images and merge them, but rather it boosts contrast in various areas in an attempt to more accurately represent the range of intensity levels.

The HDR images produced by Camera360 are pretty solid. However, as with any simulated effect, there is a slight degradation in overall image quality. Nonetheless, the high contrast/increased intensity definitely makes images stand out more. And, there’s both ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ HDR modes to better control the overall impact of the effect.

regular In-N-Out ↑

HDR In-N-Out ↓

Needless to say, good lighting and a steady hand will always improve the overall quality of a photograph. Fortunately, Camera360 has an electronic image stability feature that helps the shooter get better images by providing a visual indicator to show you when you’re holding your Android device steady (it doesn’t actually automagically correct images like more sophisticated image stability features do on real point n’ shoot cameras).

In the end, Camera360 allows you to capture more intriguing images, with its wide range of filters and options, than are possible with the stock Android camera app making it a must-have Android app for photographers on the go.