The 2010 Boilr Zeitgeist: Up and to the Right

Last year I posted the first-ever Boilr Zeitgeist (well, one including statistics; here’s 2008’s top 10 posts). Now that we’re coming up on the last moments of 2010, it is time to break out this year’s stats.

So what were the 10 most popular Boilr posts in 2010? Here they are (per Google Analytics) in order of most (to fewest) pageviews:

The total number of site visits in 2010 reached an all time high (since the site was launched in 2006) – 112,865 (with 146,033 total pageviews and 9% (10,167 visits) of total traffic via mobile devices).

Visitors came to Boilr from 188 countries/territories.

The most popular browser used to access Boilr was Firefox with 36% followed by IE (27%), Chrome (18%), and Safari (17% – with the remaining 2% spread across various others).

All in all, 2010 was a spectacular year for Boilr (despite the fact that I’ve been posting less and less frequently). Without any question, mobile-related posts were the most popular of the year. Here’s to an even better 2011!