Keep tabs on San Francisco microclimates with Android

San Francisco is a city of distinct neighborhoods…and microclimates. As anyone who has ever lived here knows all too well, the weather literally changes from block to block. Love it or hate it, that’s just the way it is.

The problem with most weather reports is their lack of specificity – you enter a city or zip code and get a forecast based on a single point of reference. This is fine for many places, but is completely inadequate for San Francisco.

Enter SF Weather (Android link).

This free Android app developed by R/GA uses Weather Underground (and GPS) data to provide up-to-date weather for 18 distinct regions within the city. Clicking on a neighborhood reveals a detailed forecast (above, right), complete with a fun neighborhood-specific icon.

The only feature really missing at the moment is the ability to zoom out to see the entire city at once. Otherwise, SF Weather is nearly perfect as is – simple and effective; a must-have app in SF.

[via 7×7]