Hey Google: Native Android screenshots are WAY overdue

Dear Google / Android team:

I’m a huge proponent of the Android platform. Generally speaking, I’ve been very impressed with the development and evolution of the Android mobile operating system over the past couple years. That is, except for one thing – the inexplicable inability to capture screenshots without rooting an Android device.

WTF. To borrow a page out of SNL’s playbook: Really Google? Really? You don’t think users want, or even need the ability to take screenshots? Really? It’s been nearly 2 years since Android hit the market and still there are only three, terribly inconvenient ways for users to take screenshots on their Android devices: (1) root the device (with the risk of ruining your expensive hardware) and use a free app from the Android Market; (2) download the SDK, hook-up the device via USB, and capture screenshots through some convoluted menus/process; or (3) take photographs – yes, I’m talking about using another device to take crappy pictures – of the screen. WTF.

The ability to natively capture screenshots is integrated into every major operating system, mobile or otherwise, EXCEPT for Android. It just doesn’t make any sense. Sure, it’s not a sexy feature or one that will change the minds of consumers sitting on the fence, but it is so damn fundamental to using, explaining, and troubleshooting that the lack of native inclusion is simply unacceptable.

I’m not at all worried about the so-called fragmentation “issue” bringing down Android, and I can handle waiting (although not much longer) for Froyo 2.2 to drop, but I am concerned that there is no fix in sight for native screenshots, especially with whispers of Gingerbread (Android 3.0) now circulating the interwebs (with no mention of native screenshots whatsoever). Sure, many will argue that I’m blowing this out of proportion (I kinda am), but I thought Google was taking a different route than Apple (who infamously did not add cut+paste to iOS for a couple revs).

Do the Android community a favor and get on top of this, ASAP. Thanks in advance.