Monthly archives: July, 2010

Hey Google: Native Android screenshots are WAY overdue

Dear Google / Android team:

I’m a huge proponent of the Android platform. Generally speaking, I’ve been very impressed with the development and evolution of the Android mobile operating system over the past couple years. That is, except for one thing – the inexplicable inability to capture screenshots without rooting an Android device.

WTF. To borrow …

Shirt of the Day: Fastest Hunk of Junk in Fog City

Can you really put a price on a t-shirt this great? Apparently you can – $19. Get ’em while they’re fog hot.

Tracking the Droid Incredible OTA update rumors [UPDATED]

Update: It sounds like the rumored OTA might have been pulled and will be replaced with…Android 2.2 (Froyo) and other awesome goodies, all wrapped up in one update coming supposedly in August! (via: BGR / AndroidCentral)

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WordWise: The best Scrabble-like app in the Android Market

Update: In light of recent changes to WordWise, my new favorite Scrabble-like app is definitely Wordfeud.

It’s no secret that the Android Market isn’t quite as well stocked as Apple’s App Store, for the time being. Nonetheless, the Market continues to grow at an exciting clip. And perhaps more importantly for the platform as a whole, …

Super Mario Bros. Leftovers [video]

Happy Declaration of Independence Day, America!

[flv: 628 471]