3 Free Apps to Make Your Android Photos More Incredible

I’m not talking about improving your photos of Androids, but rather the photos taken with your Android device. With over 50K apps and counting available in the ever-expanding Android Market, there is no shortage of options for camera-related apps. That said, I’ve come across three particularly useful and fun Android apps to make your regular Android photos more Incredible.

Despite the lack of optical zoom and somewhat disappointing low-light shooting, the Droid Incredible’s 8MP camera is very capable. The stock camera app comes with a surprising amount of controls including: exposure (brightness), image properties (contrast, saturation, and sharpness), effects (regular, grayscale, sepia, negative, solarize, posterize, and aqua), white balance, ISO, resolution, quality, geo-tagging, metering, and auto-focus.

However, the Incredible is severely lacking in the photo editing department (e.g. you can only crop images after taking them, no ability to adjust them). A quick search of the Android Market (unbelievably, there’s no way to actually search the official Android Market at the moment) will reveal a plethora of photo editing app options. Unfortunately, most of them are paid, and many of the free ones are rather disappointing (Photoshop.com Mobile comes to mind).

Nonetheless, the follow 3 apps are all pretty great (especially considering that they’re free) and worth checking out.

Photo Editing

For basic tasks such as adjusting contrast and correcting color, there is a solid photo editor available free of charge – PicSay. Don’t be fooled by all the other bells and whistles (the ability to add speech bubbles, titles, stickers, and other “fun” things), PicSay actually provides some much needed editing capabilities as well. Being able to make quick edits to photos on your phone is really handy while taking and posting pics on the go. There is also a “pro” version, which adds more features like the ability to remove red-eye, that I’ve yet to try.

Photo Effects

Even with all of the Droid Incredible’s built-in camera effects (see above), there are plenty of other interesting and effective photo manipulation tricks and gimmicks out there to add even more impact to your images. Whether you love the old school flavor of polaroids, enjoy the novelty of toy camera shots, want to channel your inner Warhol, or would like to apply any variety of filters, there are two really solid apps – FxCamera and Camera Illusion – to make all these things and more happen…for free!

FxCamera provides the ability to take a variety of different types of styled photos including: ToyCam, Polandroid, Fisheye, SymmetriCam, and Warhol. Most of the styles have other options available under the Menu setting. The app works well and doesn’t have much lag time, but requires Droid Incredible users to have a micro SD card installed, as that is where the images are ultimately stored.

Camera Illusion allows you to apply filters: Mono, Negative, Sepia, Aqua, Old Photo, Pencil, Chalk, Thermal, Oil, Black&White, Red Channel, Green Channel, Blue Channel; effects: Thin, Fat, Tall, Short, Horizontal Mirror, Vertical Mirror, Pixelation, Fish-Eye, Mosaic, Light Tunnel, Pinch, Twirl; and masks: Nexus One, Motorola Droid, Card, Blackboard, Poster. All of the options are applied in real-time, causing the app to be relatively slow, but still effective.

There you have it, folks. 3 free apps to make your Android photos even more Incredible.