Arm your Droid Incredible for battle with VZW’s silicone case

Let’s be honest. The HTC Droid Incredible is, well, pretty incredible. It’s quick as a whip, has a beautiful, highly sensitive touch display, and it takes pretty solid photos, among other things. It is also not cheap.

Although you can grab an Incredible (whenever they become available again – currently VZW’s site says June 4) for a penny shy of two Benjamins (w/ a new 2yr contract and after a $100 rebate), the unsubsidized device will set you back $530 clams. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to leave my new pricey iDroid without some protection against the world.

Having only been available for roughly two weeks, there are very few case and screen protector options available at the moment. After reading a number of reviews in online forums, and trying some of the cases on my iDroid in a Verizon store, I settled on the cheapest option available from VZW – the Silicone Cover.

The $16.99 case, available in translucent black or red, is not terribly attractive (nor terribly ugly) or perfectly made (the seems could have been concealed better), but it does get the job done and with minimal extra weight or thickness. Made out of silicone (duh), the case provides adequate protection against small drops (gasp!) as it can’t pop off (in fact it’s not that easy to remove in general) like many of the hard cases would (two rigid plastic pieces snapped together do not provide for very good impact absorption). It is also perfectly mimics the topographic battery cover on the back of the device, keeping the Droid Incredible’s distinct look intact.

All of the buttons, ports (USB and headphone jack), microphone, and camera with dual LED flashes remain accessible. Perhaps the best “feature” of the case is the fact that it is ever so slightly thicker than the protruding fixed camera lens on the back of the Droid Incredible, thereby enabling you to put the device on a flat surface without resting it directly on the camera itself. The case also has a slight “lip” on the top, preventing the display from direct contact when placed face down.

All in all, the “cheap” silicone case does exactly what it should – provides adequate protection without interfering with the functionality or the form of the HTC Droid Incredible. Throw on a screen protector (I bought the 3-pack of generic Incredible screen protectors from VZW) and your Droid Incredible is armed and ready for battle.