Month: May 2010

3 Free Apps to Make Your Android Photos More Incredible

I’m not talking about improving your photos of Androids, but rather the photos taken with your Android device. With over 50K apps and counting available in the ever-expanding Android Market, there is no shortage of options for camera-related apps. That said, I’ve come across three particularly useful and fun Android apps to make your regular …

How-to: Setup your own Twitter photo site with WordPress

There are plenty of capable third-party services that make uploading and sharing mobile photos simple and easy, such as Twitpic, yfrog, and Flickr, to name a few. But what if you want more control over how the content is displayed, and perhaps more importantly, where and how the images are stored (i.e. control over your …

LOST might be over, but all of the questions… not so much.

Regardless of whether you loved, hated, or stand somewhere in between with regards to the LOST series finale, no one can argue with the fact that ultimately, just about nothing was answered.

This CollegeHumor video does a wonderful job of rattling off nearly all of the questions most fans still have.
Fade to white…
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10 reasons I don’t care if the LOST Series Finale disappoints

So here we are…the morning of May 23, the day in which LOST, season 6 and the series as a whole, is finally coming to an end. It has been quite a ride over the last 6 seasons, with lots and lots and lots of ups and downs.

Season 1 will forever live on as …


Shirt of the Day: Bow TIE Tuxedo

Bow. TIE. Tuxedo. Shirt. Pretty much speaks for itself. Available from the official Star Wars shop.

Happy 30th, Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back!

30 years ago today, Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back hit theaters, forever changing film (sequels).
“No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.” – Master Yoda

Arm your Droid Incredible for battle with VZW’s silicone case

Let’s be honest. The HTC Droid Incredible is, well, pretty incredible. It’s quick as a whip, has a beautiful, highly sensitive touch display, and it takes pretty solid photos, among other things. It is also not cheap.

Although you can grab an Incredible (whenever they become available again – currently VZW’s site says June 4) for …

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy in 133 LEGO seconds

How-to: Get Google Earth on your HTC Incredible

Update: Not sure when it showed up, but Google Earth now appears in the Android Market. If you followed the directions below (or elsewhere) to install Google Earth on your Droid Incredible, you will most likely need to uninstall the unofficial version before installing the official version from the Market.
So you just got yourself …

VZW HTC Incredible: This Is The Droid You’re Looking For

The HTC Incredible is the Droid you’re looking for. Here are my first impressions of Verizon’s new darling…

Let’s start with a list of negatives to get them out of the way. Like every gadget on the market, including the (gasp!) iPhone, the Incredible (“INC”) is not perfect. Here’s a list, in no particular order, of …