iPad, SchmiPad. Netflix is coming to the iPod touch too.

Today is the day of the iPad – a “magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price” says Apple. Great. It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy owning and/or using one, it’s just that I don’t have $499-829 of disposable income lying around here at the moment.

So what is a poor iPod touch owner supposed to do?! Get excited to access Netflix Watch Instantly content on your itouch at some point in the near future, that’s what!

OK, OK. So it’s not nearly as exciting as say, buying a new gadget that seems really cool, but you’re not sure where it fits in between your iPod touch, smartphone, laptop, etc. BUT, it is good news for touch-owning, Netflix subscribers.

The ability to access streaming movies and tv shows (that you already pay for) on the go is really intriguing, especially with more and more airlines offering Wi-Fi. The more worthwhile content you can grab off the Net, the less room you have to waste on your iDevice with large video files. Definitely makes on board storage less of a concern moving forward.

As usual, no date or pricing information has been offered up yet. I doubt it will be free (thanks to Apple) like the Wii Netflix disc is, but hopefully it will be cheap and hit the app store sooner than later.