Month: March 2010

What if Saul Bass had done the intro to LOST?

An awesome faux Saul Bass intro to ABC’s LOST. I especially dig the overly simplified (yet entirely accurate) show synopsis sequence at the end.
[tks JW]


That’s no moon. It’s a (watermelon) space station.

Perhaps the best looking watermelon (Death Star) I’ve ever seen. The Emperor would be proud.
[via Craftzine]

Set your DVR: LIFE premieres tonight on Discovery HD

LIFE – The highly anticipated follow-up series to the BBC / Discovery Channel’s groundbreaking original series, Planet Earth, premiere’s tonight at 8pm across most of Discovery’s HD networks.
According to the early reviews, the new 11 part series contains some of the most incredible video footage ever captured. Considering how amazing Planet Earth was, I …

All new Futurama episodes coming to Comedy Central in June

This new teaser/trailer has got me pretty excited for Futurama’s long overdue return to TV. The all new episodes are scheduled to begin airing on Comedy Central sometime this June.