WD TV Live: 1.01.17 firmware update now available

WDTVliveupdatebanner After last month's firmware debacle (if you missed it, than disregard that and be glad), news of the latest official firmware update - 1.01.17 - for the WD TV Live is music to WD TV Live owners' ears. According to the official release notes (PDF), the 1.01.17 update:
Improves the reliability of the WD TV Live firmware upgrade manager by incorporating a more robust method of upgrading firmware over the internet.
In other words, 1.01.17 fixes the problem exposed by the now defunct 1.01.12 firmware update which bricked many owners' devices. FYI - I had no trouble downloading and installing the current update via Wi-Fi (as should be the case). Still no Netflix or Hulu...or any other new features for that matter, but at least WD has fixed a nearly catastrophic problem before all hell broke loose. Good luck and happy updating!