Month: January 2010

How-To: Access online content offline on the iPod touch

Clearly, the biggest (and most obvious) drawback to the iPod touch is the lack of always-on Internet access. But then again, there are no data fees and the ithing does most everything else that its fancy big brother, iPhone, can do.
But what about using the iPod touch offline, like the headline promises?! Enter Instapaper, …

There is no question, funny is funny. I’m with Coco!

I’ve always enjoyed Conan O’Brien’s bizarre sense of humor, whether it was delivered in the form of classic Simpsons episodes or via his late night talk show(s). Thus, (now that the work week is over and I’ve got time to post this) I’m more than happy to throw my support behind this talented, red-headed funnyman. …

WD TV Live: 1.01.17 firmware update now available

After last month’s firmware debacle (if you missed it, than disregard that and be glad), news of the latest official firmware update – 1.01.17 – for the WD TV Live is music to WD TV Live owners’ ears.
According to the official release notes (PDF), the 1.01.17 update:
Improves the reliability of the WD TV Live …

There will be no one to stop us (from eating sushi) this time!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the single best episode of the Star Wars saga – The Empire Strikes Back. It also marks 33 years of genius licensing agreements by Lucasfilm Ltd. and company. Without such foresight, the world would never have seen something as amazing as these Star Wars Chop Sabers.
Available in Yoda …

Cartman learns the truth about the real Family Guy writers

Not sure how I missed / didn’t hear about this episode (part two of a two part series) when it first aired back in April 2009, but it’s a priceless jab by the South Park guys at the Family Guy folks.
“Danny Pocket” (aka Eric Cartman). Manatees. Idea Balls. Done and done.

435MT: Recommended 1.1.4 BIOS update available

Dell released another “recommended” Studio XPS 435MT BIOS update – version 1.1.4 – on December 27, 2009.
The new release includes the following:
1.Fix intermittent show error message Alert at checkpoint D0 issue.

Dell suggests users install the latest version of the BIOS, available here. While nothing major, it is still nice to see Dell continue to …