Happy Techsgiving: The 2009 Boilr Holiday Gift List


Ah, Thanksgiving. The most American of American traditions – an excuse to gather friends and family together to gorge on unreasonable quantities of food while taking the entire day off from work. Thanks indeed.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Turkey Day also signifies the official start of the holiday shopping mania that has taken our country by storm over the past several years. My advice – skip the hysteria-inducing Black Friday lines and enjoy the wonderful convenience and competitive deal offerings from your favorite online retailer(s).

With that said, there are so many gift guides floating around these days, that it would hardly be worth anyone’s time for me to create yet another. As such, I’m simply going to list some of my favorite technologies / gadgets that I’ve come across in 2009. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

Boilr’s 2009 Happy Techsgiving Gift List: