New Super Mario Bros. Wii offers perfect mix of old and new

Whether you are a member of the Nintendo Generation or simply love timeless video games, the New Super Mario Bros. Wii does not disappoint.

This new take on an old classic is a fabulous mash-up of many of the best and most nostalgic elements of Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3 with some new, fun Wii-tastic twists thrown in for good measure. Not only does NSMBW revisit the side-scrolling gameplay of yore, but it manages to do so with just enough “modern” updates to make the game relevant to fans of all ages.


The ability to play with 1-4 players adds a whole new level to the fun that is Super Mario Bros. “4.” Now, you can work side by side with friends to collect coins, defeat levels, and get the most out of Toad’s card-flippin’ house of gambling, for example. Seriously, though. Multi-player is a helluva lot of fun. The novelty of blowing through each new level with a teammate (er, three) is simply wonderful.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Wii-ownin’, NES lovin’ friend/family member/significant other this holiday season, than look no further than New Super Mario Bros. Wii.