FF ext.: Tab Progress Bar shows the progress in the tab

tab-progress-barIf you can’t wait for Firefox 3.7 (currently Firefox is on release 3.5.5), which will move the page-loading progress bar from the bottom of your window to each individual tab, then simply install the free Firefox add-on, Tab Progress Bar.

Once this little extension is enabled, you will see how far along in the loading progress each page is, right in the tab of the page itself. This is especially nice if, like me, you often open a number of sites at a time. For example, usually the first time I fire up Firefox on any given morning, I will load all my favorite “news” sites, at once, by selecting ‘Open in All Tabs’ from the folder where the links reside.

With Tab Progress Bar installed, I can see the actual progress for each given page as it loads, instead of just seeing the generic and non-informative (default) rotating icon. If you’ve got no idea what the heck I’ve been talking about this whole time…maybe just wait for FF 3.7. 😉

[via Lifehacker]