WD TV: Using the menu-based MKV chapter navigation

wd-tv-chapters-optionOne of my biggest complaints with the WD TV since its inception has been the lack of support for MKV chapters. If you are unfamiliar with MKV, it is "an open standard free container format, a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside a single file."WP As MKV containers offer some of the highest quality compression capabilities when shrinking down DVDs, it is my preferred archival file type (thanks to Handbrake). In any case, I'm not exactly sure how long this feature has been integrated into the (original) WD TV firmware, but I came across the following on WD's WDTVLive.com:
How to use MKV chapters During video playback, if an MKV being played has chapters, press the Option button and select the rightmost icon (the one that has a bunch of litle squares) in the options menu. You can then choose a chapter to play.
Sure enough, this works like a charm...if you know which chapter you want to skip to. I appreciate the added functionality, but I wish/prefer that it worked like it does on a DVD, i.e. hitting Next / Previous on the remote should chapter-forwards/backwards. wd-tv-chapters The current implementation requires the user to be aware of the current chapter or have a particular chapter number in mind when navigating; this really defeats the purpose of using chapters to navigate on the WD TV. Hopefully WD will take note and make the appropriate change in an upcoming firmware release for both the WD TV and the new WD TV Live.