Fieri finds the ultimate dessert: Maple Bacon Donuts

bacon-donut-chocolate-nickel-88Say hello to one of the most delicious (or disgusting, depending on your mood) goodies I’ve seen yet on Food Network’s hit series – Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: the Maple Bacon Donut. That’s right. Maple. Bacon. Donut. Mmmmmm. (For the record, they looked even better on TV).

Where does this incredible dessert come from and how do you get yourself a dozen, stat? You’ll have to take a trip down to LA and hit up the Nickel Diner. The diner was featured on last night’s “Blast From the Past” episode of DDD. Not only do they serve up these amazing ‘best of all worlds’ donuts, but they also make homemade pop-tarts and a variety of other tantalizing treats. Good thing VA is having a sale on airfare!