Where the Wild Things Are brings imagination to life

wtwta-screengrabUnless you live on a cloud (no, not that cloud), you are fully aware that Maurice Sendak's revered and beloved children's story - Where the Wild Things Are - has been (tastefully) adopted for the big screen by Spike Jonze (director of such films as Being John Malkovich and Adaptation). Just like its literary cousin, the movie version of Where the Wild Things Are satisfies both children and adults alike. Although the film comes across a bit darker (i.e. more adult) than its 338 words / 48 page inspiration, the movie stays true to the underlying theme of the story, i.e. childhood and growing up. wtwta-screengrab3Also like the book, the movie's real impact comes through its beautiful scenery and the wonderful looking (and true to the originals) Wild Things. The kid who plays Max (who is also named Max in real life) does a stand up job, as do his co-stars, and the soundtrack, written by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's lead, Karen O, fits perfectly with the mood and overall feeling of the movie. wtwta-screengrab2For such a simple story, Where the Wild Things Are has achieved incredible success as a children's book, and now as a major motion picture as well. Was it a life-altering cinematic experience? No, not really. Did they need to include those stupid owls? Absolutely not. But, in the end, WTWTA is very enjoyable for what it is...a children's classic.

Be still...or I will eat you up!

*Images from official Where the Wild Things Are site