Turn your iPod touch into a wireless touchpad, for free!

ipodtouch2g-jumimouseThere are all sorts of reasons why you might want to control your computer from across the room, i.e. remotely. For instance, when I can’t catch my favorite sports teams on TV, I will often connect my laptop to my TV to stream the game (via MyP2P.eu) on the big screen. Being able to control the volume, re-size the screen, etc from the couch with my iPod touch makes the whole experience all that much more enjoyable.

There are a variety of remote control / mouse apps available for the iPod touch (and that other “i” thing) in the App store, but as far as free iApps go, JumiMouse (iTunes) is one of the best and most complete. Unlike many of the other free alternatives, JumiMouse provides both left and right mouse buttons as well as the Jumi Controller (the PC app needed to help the devices communicate with one another), all for no additional cost.

Perhaps the only drawback is that this app seems to be quite a battery hog (well, perhaps any app running continuously for a few hours would kill the battery just the same), having eaten all the way through a fresh charge during the course of a football game.

For more information, including installation instructions and download links, head on over to JumiTech.com.