Playing 18+ holes of golf will never be the same

mantysMove over traditional golf carts...there's a new electric golf sheriff vehicle in town - Mantys. Think of it as a Razor-meets-Segway-meets-walker, add-on a golf bag holder and some battery power, and bam, Mantys. According to the official product page:
Dynamic Riding Mantys has a unique and fun way of handling. Rather than using a steering wheel or handlebar, Mantys is controlled by shifting your weight with carve skiing-like movements. This offers the rider a unique riding experience. Let’s play golf! Our first Mantys, is fully designed for the golf course. With a range of 36 holes, the Mantys has the power to effortlessly take a 20-percent climb with turf-saving tires and is therefore your perfect companion for a perfect game of golf. Applications Beside Golf, the Mantys can be put to use in various other applications like warehouses, resorts, terrain inspection, final mile delivery, etc.