HD Walk-through: California Academy of Sciences GGP

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my SF neighborhood – Inner Sunset – more than the average Fog City citizen. A large part of the love comes from my close proximity (2 blocks) to one of the world’s best public, urban green spaces – Golden Gate Park. The recent opening (well, I guess not that recent any more) of the new and improved California Academy of Sciences has added yet another reason to get excited about GGP.

The entrance fee is a bit steep for my blood ($24.95/person, the usual suspects – kids, students, etc – are cheaper), but luckily the museum has random free admission days based on SF neighborhoods. This past weekend was free for Sunset (and some other) neighborhood residents, so I made my first visit to the “new” museum.

Below is a series of (unedited) HD vids (captured on my CG10) of various exhibits and attractions found inside the CA Academy of Sciences. Clearly, it’s not quite the same as being there, but admission to this virtual (HD) museum is free!