Google adds Sports calendars and more to Calendar app

google-cal-sportsUpdate: Google announced the new calendar options yesterday (9/2/09) afternoon on its Official Gmail Blog.

Not sure how old this is, but I just noticed a new link in Google Calendar – Sports calendars – for the 1st time.

When you click on the link you are greeted with a choice of ‘Holidays,’ ‘Sports,’ or ‘More’ calendars. Holidays include holidays by country or religion. Sports covers baseball, basketball, football, hockey, rugby, and soccer (complete with related icons), includes teams and leagues from around the world, and:

When you subscribe to your favorite team’s calendar, you’ll see every game listed, updated in real time with the score as the game progresses.

More includes the ability to import contacts’ birthdays and events, display the phases of the moon, and yes, stardates. Now there’s really no excuse for missing Flag day, your team’s game, a friend’s birthday, or the next quarter moon.