Month: September 2009

Celebrate the economic collapse in (Star Wars) style

Paying homage to our national economic crisis, this stylish Death Star “TOO BIG to FAIL” t-shirt is pretty right on, except for the bailout sized price…a bank account busting $28.25. But at least it provides a little humor in an other wise dark(side) time in our history.
[via Zazzle]

Turn your iPod touch into a wireless touchpad, for free!

There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to control your computer from across the room, i.e. remotely. For instance, when I can’t catch my favorite sports teams on TV, I will often connect my laptop to my TV to stream the game (via on the big screen. Being able to control …

Promising New TV: FlashForward and Bored to Death

ABC’s FlashForward is pretty captivating, maybe not life-altering, but definitely got my attention last week. Think LOST meets Heroes meets Memento. Maybe I am just trying to compensate (for my future TV watching), knowing that the final season of LOST is just a few months out, but I definitely recommend giving FlashForward a go. Let’s …

Uh oh: TomTom Car Kit may not work with iPod touch

Update: More bad news folks – Engadget Mobile got word that the pricing is incorrect, i.e. it will NOT come with the app, and no mention of iPod touch 🙁 .
The highly anticipated TomTom Car Kit made a brief appearance online in the Euro Apple Store earlier today. Although no longer up for pre-order, the …

Playing 18+ holes of golf will never be the same

Move over traditional golf carts…there’s a new electric golf sheriff vehicle in town – Mantys. Think of it as a Razor-meets-Segway-meets-walker, add-on a golf bag holder and some battery power, and bam, Mantys.


Update: MINI Roadster Concept unveiled in Frankfurt

PSA: Curb Your Enthusiasm returns TONIGHT!

Season 7 of HBO’s hit comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, returns to the cableways tonight! After much speculation that the season 6 finale in which Larry David becomes involved with Vivica Fox’s character would be the series’ last episode, the entire motley crew is back for another hilarious go. What the f*%^ Larry?!

HD Walk-through: California Academy of Sciences GGP

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my SF neighborhood – Inner Sunset – more than the average Fog City citizen. A large part of the love comes from my close proximity (2 blocks) to one of the world’s best public, urban green spaces – Golden Gate Park. The recent opening (well, I guess not …

Power Up: Electric Audi R8 revealed as E-Tron concept

Audi has taken the wraps off its highly anticipated electric R8 concept, now known as E-Tron. The stunning electric vehicle concept is expected to compete head to head with the green luxury sports car offerings from the likes of Mercedes, Tesla, and Fisker.

Flight of the Conchords to release new album Oct. 20

Their amazing show might be gone forever, but that doesn’t mean Flight of the Conchords has stopped releasing their material. The New Zealand duo’s latest album – I Told You I Was Freaky – is now up for pre-order. The album, which features songs from their second (and last 🙁 ) season on HBO, is …