Update: TomTom iPod touch app is “coming soon”

iphone-tomtomA couple months back, I posed the question: Will TomTom release an iPod touch app + dock GPS, too? It sounds like the answer is…yes.

Earlier this week, TomTom announced that its anticipated iPhone GPS app (iTunes link) was finally available through Apple’s App store for $99.99. More importantly on the touch side of things, TomTom said that “[c]ompatibility with iPod touch and other iPhone models [is] coming soon.”

This GPS solution – iDevice + iApp + car dock accessory – could breathe new life into the now aging iPod touch (2G – which is expected to be replaced in the near future) as well as older iphones by replacing the need for an additional standalone GPS unit. For $100 (oops, this was the app-only price) the speculated price of $200, you will have a 3.5″ high quality display with multi-touch GPS unit.

Even after you grow tired of your 1 year old, obsolete iThing, now you can re-purpose it as a useful (possibly additional) GPS unit for your car. It’s a win-win situation really.

It’s also interesting in terms of future possibilities. Image having some sort of “iDock” that, instead of just having a GPS receiver, also has a built-in MiFi or 4G radio turning your car into a hotspot as well. Come on Apple / Wireless providers, how about it?