Month: July 2009

Aston Martin One-77: A supercar fit for James Bond

This amazing vehicle might not be named 007, but the styling and overall badness (not to mention the ~ £1.2 million price tag) of Aston Martin’s latest supercar – One-77 – definitely add up to a real-world Bond car. Only 77 of these 700hp handcrafted aluminum-clad beasts (with a top speed over 200mph) will ever …

Boilr Tweets Weekly Digest: 2009-07-12

Move over Disney World, Costa Rica is the happiest place on Earth #
Get your iMouse on with JumiMouse #
Find Products In Stock Now at Local Stores with #
Woods and Obama to play golf…eventually #
July 11 is Free Slurpee Day #
Every second spent web-browsing generates 20 milligrams of CO2 #


Want some fresh cracked R2-Pepper on that salad?

Good ol’ Japan – home to many of the world’s preeminent digital technologies…and this officially licensed R2-D2 peppermill.
According to the product page:
[W]e’ve managed to pilfer a few hundred R2-D2 pepper mills from eateries all over Tatooine for your spice grinding pleasure. Simply twist R2’s head and he deposits pepper onto your food. Hey, it’s …

Photo of the Day: Plaza de España Tower Silhouette

Plaza de España Tower SilhouetteSeville, Spain • October 2002 • Nikon Coolpix 2500

Photo of the Day: A King of the Masai Mara

A King of the Masai MaraMasai Mara, Kenya • August 2008 • Nikon D60

Video of the Day: Elephants roaming Samburu, Kenya

Amazing African elephants roaming Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
Thanks to YouTube’s recently improved HD capabilities, I can now more easily upload and share some of the high definition video I captured during my trip to Kenya last August (2008). Enjoy!


Boilr Tweets Weekly Digest: 2009-07-05

Taking the AIRPod (Air Car) for a test drive #
SCOTUS (indirectly) clears networked DVRs for take off #
Audi unveils amazing scultpure to celebrate its 100 years #
Golf, you know…for the kids #


Photos of the Day: Happy Independence Day, America!

San Francisco Bay FireworksSF, CA • July 4, 2007 • Nikon D100

iApps: Become a Pinball Wizard with Wild West Pinball

Own an iPod touch / iPhone? Like pinball? Then do yourself a favor and download Wild West Pinball. This is one of those games that really shines on the iDevice platform. It feels just like a pinball machine (well, as close to one as possible given the device) and is incredibly addictive.
Unlike a lot …

Save the Date: Phish cryptically announces Fall festival

If you head over to you will be greeted by a (not surprisingly) cryptic animation regarding a previously unannounced 3-day Fall festival October 30 – November 1. Where? Your guess is as good as mine.