Traveling across time zones? Use BA’s jet lag calculator

world_time_zonesAhh, travel. Is there anything better than leaving the status quo behind and heading off to a foreign land? For some, maybe. But for those of us who’ve been bitten by the travelbug, there really isn’t anything that compares to the feeling of an impending journey.

As wonderful as exploring distant lands can be, usually the worst part of any trip is the actual step(s) to getting there (wherever that may be). In particular, jet lag can be a real b*tch to deal with when jetsetting through multiple time zones. As such, there is no shortage of advice on how to cope with this unfortunate side effect (stay hydrated, sleep on the plane, etc), including some helpful tips courtesy of BA’s jet lag calculator.

According to BA’s scientific site:

Jet lag occurs when the body clock is disrupted by crossing a number of time zones. The symptoms can include fatigue, disorientation and an inability to sleep.

The “calculator” has you input your regular wake up time, whether you “usually sleep well,” the current time for your destination, and the current time @ your home. Once you click “advice,” the a popup appears with some relatively (obvious) helpful information about how to use light (“Light is important because it is one of the primary cues that the body clock uses to maintain it’s link with the outside world.”) and adjust your eating schedule to mitigate jet lag symptoms.

Admittedly, it’s not the most useful web app in the world, but considering the advice that its spits out comes from “the UK’s leading sleep expert” it might be worth a try.