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American Car FAIL: GM and Chrysler had no style

It’s no wonder that American car manufacturer GM and (recently re-Americanized and then re-unAmercanized) Chrysler have hit rock bottom. All one has to do is look up (er, above this text) for evidence – Chevrolet HHR (left) | Chrysler PT Cruiser (right) – of their massive design and style failures.

I mean, if you are going …

That Was Easy: Get Quick Support from Apple Expert

I had a simple question regarding an iTunes gift card, my iTunes account and my iPod touch. After heading over to Apple’s support site, I noticed Apple Expert in the lower left corner. I simply clicked, inputted my touch’s serial number, and selected “call me now” and bam! I was connected with an “Expert” in …


435MT: BIOS 1.1.2 is (near) SILENCE to my ears!

Well I’ll be. Dell’s latest Studio XPS 435MT BIOS update – 1.1.2 – has dramatically decreased the machine’s heretofore unbearable fan noise. It’s not completely silent, but then again, who would expect such a powerful machine in such a small box to be totally quiet. Let’s not get too carried away.

Besides the BIOS being a …

How-to: Repair and Optimize your WordPress database

I got some helpful advice from my hosting company (of all places) with regards to making Boilr (this WordPress powered site) a bit quicker on its toes.

Since I am already using the great WP-Cache plugin (not WP-SuperCache as it interferes with some of the “real-time” plugins I’ve got enabled), I was looking for another …

435MT: Recommended 1.1.2 BIOS update available

Earlier today, Dell released another “recommended” Studio XPS 435MT BIOS update – version 1.1.2.

The new release includes:

1.Update Intel CPU Micro Code.
2.Fan Curve Parameters update.

Dell suggests users install the latest version of the BIOS, available here. Who knows – maybe this BIOS will aid in mitigating the fan noise issues many 435MT owners have been …

WD TV: Pre-release 1.02.10 firmware now available

Western Digital has made available its latest WD TV pre-release firmware – 1.02.10 – which includes the following fixes/additions/updates:

Prerelease 1.02.10 (includes all previously released updates)

Fixed Items:

* Greek subtitles now render properly. Previously they rendered slowly, causing them to briefly flash on the screen.
* Korean subtitles now render …

Finally: iPod touch 3.0 Software Update available today

The new iPod touch 3.0 Software Update is available today for $9.95. That’s right. For less than an Alexander Hamilton, all of the following (and more!) can be yours:
Landscape keyboard • Spotlight Search • Cut, Copy & Paste • Push Notifications • Stereo Bluetooth1 Automatic Wi-Fi login • Safari “improvements” • Sync notes • …

iApps: ESPN ScoreCenter prioritizes your favorite teams

Anyone who uses an iPod touch / iPhone knows there are a number of (free) sports scores apps floating around out there. My general preference for getting the latest scoring information among those application choices has always been SportsTap. However, now that ESPN has released ScoreCenter, I’m realizing that I will have use for both …

Will TomTom release an iPod touch app+dock GPS, too?

One of the other big announcements last week @ WWDC was the TomTom for iPhone. The app (which will be released following the 3.0 software update) + car kit (available “later this summer” / price unknown) represents the “world’s first dedicated in-car navigation solution for iPhone.”

Of particular note to curious iPod touch owners like …

Boilr Tweets Weekly Digest: 2009-06-14

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