WD TV Feedback Site: Suggest / vote on new features

WD TVWestern Digital finally responded to an email I had sent a few weeks back re: an official WD TV forum, pointing me (and my fellow WD TV owners) to its official feedback site.

There are a few intriguing things about this UserVoice powered forum: 1. WD is showing that it is actually interested in what the WD TV community has to say; 2. Registered and non-registered visitors alike can vote for their favorite suggested features (note: if you clear your browser’s cache, you can submit more than the allotted 10 votes); and 3. WD employees appear to be marking features with status updates such as “planned” “under review” “started” etc.

Of note, it appears that Full DVD ISO menu support is “planned” and that enabling network adapters is “under review.” In this day and age, having a site like this is just about mandatory for any “in touch” company, so it is nice to see WD making an effort. Let’s hope that we see many of these suggested features show up in the next major firmware release. And don’t forget to visit the site to suggest / vote for your favorite new features.