Share all your posts with FeedMingle and Twitterfeed

feedmingle+twitterfeedIf you have more than one blog or online platform that uses RSS and you’re looking for a quick and (relatively) easy way to share all of your posts via RSS and Twitter, give FeedMingle and Twitterfeed a try.

Similar to Yahoo! Pipes, but far less complicated (and also less powerful, but more than adequate for most user’s needs), FeedMingle does just what its name implies – it mingles, i.e. merges, multiple RSS feeds into a single feed. Let’s say you have a personal blog and you also write for another site, but you want to provide your friends, family, and fans with a one-stop RSS feed of all your work. Just head over to FeedMingle, enter in all of the feed URLs, add a title, and click “Mingle Now” – voila, you’ve got your uni-feed.

Let’s also assume that you want to update your Twitter friends and followers with all of your latest and greatest posts, but that you don’t want to manually add each new article one at a time. Surf over to Twitterfeed, sign up for a free account, add your newly created combined feed, and let Twitterfeed do the rest. Now, (assuming you’ve set everything up correctly) you will have an automated Twitter update mechanism in place for all of your online publications. Nice work.