American Car FAIL: GM and Chrysler had no style

hhr-pt-cruiserIt’s no wonder that American car manufacturer GM and (recently re-Americanized and then re-unAmercanized) Chrysler have hit rock bottom. All one has to do is look up (er, above this text) for evidence – Chevrolet HHR (left) | Chrysler PT Cruiser (right) – of their massive design and style failures.

I mean, if you are going to make a hatchback thingamajig / crap stuff moving vehicle, there is no reason they can’t also be stylish. Take the Audi A3 and MINI Clubman, for example (below). Both cars are functional AND attractive.
a3-clubmanAnyways, considering that GM and Chrysler are the same two companies who created/produced two legendary sports cars – Corvette | Dodge Viper – it never made much sense that most of the rest of their lineup was just plain terrible. But hey, both have gone bankrupt, one is now majority owned by the American people (yay?) and the other has been gobbled up by Italian automaker Fiat. So yea…American Car FAIL.