That Was Easy: Get Quick Support from Apple Expert

apple-expertI had a simple question regarding an iTunes gift card, my iTunes account and my iPod touch. After heading over to Apple’s support site, I noticed Apple Expert in the lower left corner. I simply clicked, inputted my touch’s serial number, and selected “call me now” and bam! I was connected with an “Expert” in less than 2 minutes (and this, the day after the big 3.0 OS launch).

Within a couple minutes, the “dude” at the other end of the line had answered my question and replied, “You’re welcome, man. Have a fantastic night.” Now, I’m no Apple fanboy (as I feel a need to remind the blogosphere from time to time), although I do love my iPod touch and have nothing personal against Apple. However, with quick and easy support like this, I am definitely becoming more fond of the “fruit” company in Cupertino.

Computers and gadgets are wonderful things, but they are also bound to have problems and need troubleshooting. As such, it is always a pleasant surprise when contacting a giant corporation doesn’t end in pure disgust and frustration. Although many people disagree with my assessment of Dell’s chat support, I am a huge fan of the “provide me with help when I need it, on MY schedule” such as Dell’s chat support or Apple’s Expert service. And hey, whether it turns out to ultimately fix the problem, or not…@ least it was convenient for ME.