435MT: BIOS 1.1.2 is (near) SILENCE to my ears!

no fan noiseWell I’ll be. Dell’s latest Studio XPS 435MT BIOS update – 1.1.2 – has dramatically decreased the machine’s heretofore unbearable fan noise. It’s not completely silent, but then again, who would expect such a powerful machine in such a small box to be totally quiet. Let’s not get too carried away.

Besides the BIOS being a headache to download (read: repeated failed attempts to download via Firefox > multiple Dell support sessions > finally a successful download via IE8), I am extremely pleased and happy to report that 1.1.2 has really improved the 435MT’s decibel levels.

The Core i7-powered beast still revs like a V8 @ startup, but once it boots to the desktop, it sounds like it should – barely noticeable. I’ve shut the computer down twice post-update (one total, one restart) just to make sure, and so far, so good. It only took five BIOS updates, but the noise has finally been mitigated…thanks Dell.

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