iApps: ESPN ScoreCenter prioritizes your favorite teams

scorecenterAnyone who uses an iPod touch / iPhone knows there are a number of (free) sports scores apps floating around out there. My general preference for getting the latest scoring information among those application choices has always been SportsTap. However, now that ESPN has released ScoreCenter, I’m realizing that I will have use for both apps. While SportsTap still seems more useful for general scores updates, I can turn to ScoreCenter when I want to go straight to my favorite teams’ scoring/games updates.

Unlike SportsTap, which allows you to customize which sports (i.e. golf, football, basketball, etc) you want on the home screen, ScoreCenter works more like the Yahoo! weather app that comes pre-installed on the iDevices by allowing you to specify your favorite teams in your favorite sports and than swipe between screens. This provides for a much easier and more efficient method of checking your teams scores rather than having to touch through multiple levels (i.e. football > NFC East > Washington Redskins) just to see the scores you really care about.

And when your team isn’t playing, or it isn’t the season for a particular sport, ScoreCenter provides more general, overall scheduling information for upcoming games (i.e. right now it shows pre-season NFL games). The only thing missing from this app is an organized home screen showing all of your preferred sports a la SportsTap. Right now, you can only see one sport at a time, but it would be nice to touch directly to each sport and thus straight to your favorite team(s) in that sport. Otherwise, ScoreCenter is a solid app for keeping tabs on your favorite teams.