Will TomTom release an iPod touch app+dock GPS, too?

iphone-tomtomOne of the other big announcements last week @ WWDC was the TomTom for iPhone. The app (which will be released following the 3.0 software update) + car kit (available “later this summer” / price unknown) represents the “world’s first dedicated in-car navigation solution for iPhone.”

Of particular note to curious iPod touch owners like myself is:

The TomTom car kit for iPhone; a specially developed car kit for secure docking, enhanced GPS performance, clear voice instructions, hands-free calling and in-car charging.

We already know that 3.0 is bringing “third-party game accessories” functionality with it, which in plain English means third-party physical add-on accessories. Therefore, theoretically the dock could have its own built-in GPS receiver (to provide the “enhanced performance” for iPhones) and thus allow for iPod touch integration as well.

While I’m sure this is incredibly wishful thinking on my part, if TomTom was able to consider pull this off, they could effectively double their sales capacity by including both iPhone and iPod touch compatibility.