Read lots of blogs? Love to comment? Get a gravatar.

gravatarThis post is for all you avid blog readers/consumers out there. If you follow more than one blog and find yourself leaving comments fairly regularly, than it’s high time you got yourself a globally recognized avatar (g-r-avatar).

This isn’t some online gaming thing or a geeks-only practice…times have changed. Having a gravatar is an effective way to stand out from the rest of the commenting crowd. Once you sign up (see below), your personal (or professional) logo will appear next to comments you make across the Web (on gravatar-enabled sites).

default-gravatar1If you’ve ever read through comments on sites like TechCrunch, Engadget, or more recently here on Boilr, all those nifty logos that show up next to people’s user names are gravatars. For those people who rarely comment or just happen to like the default icon (to the right) then, by all means, forget you ever read this. But if you are into branding and maintaining a unique online identity, than I suggest you take a bit longer to decide whether a gravatar is right for you.

Ultimately, having a gravatar is a really useful marketing tool if you’ve got your own site or if you have developed a reputation for brilliant commenting. What’s that saying again? Oh yeah…any press, is good press. The best part is, it’s free and easy: head over to, sign up, and comment your heart out.