Back to the Futurama: Bender & Co. returning in 2010!

futurama-returnsGreat news old Planet Express customers! 20th Century Fox has confirmed that Comedy Central has ordered 26 NEW episodes of Futurama to air in 2010!

The wonderful other animated sitcom by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen was canceled back in August of 2003, but has remained incredibly popular among fans thanks to DVDs (the original 4 seasons / 4 straight to DVD movies since 2007) and reruns on Comedy Central.

This resurrection story parallels that of Family Guy, another short-live series that was too popular for Fox not to revive. Regardless of how or why this decision was made, I can’t wait to see Bender, Fry, the Professor and the rest of the gang return to the thin screen next year.

[via EW]