Lost in the shuffle: iPod touch ALSO getting 3.0 update

Update: iPod touch 3.0 Software Update NOW available.

ipod-touch-3.0Today’s WWDC event revealed the latest OS X (Snow Leopard), new and updated MacBook Pros (13″), a new iPhone (3G S), and, most importantly and relevant to iPod touch (2G) owners, Apple officially unveiled iPhone OS 3.0. Although, if you followed any of the coverage, there is very little attention paid to the fact that 3.0 will also apply to the iPod touch (2G-only) when the software update drops June 17.

First, two caveats: 1. since the iPod touch is clearly NOT an iPhone (yay, no data plans!), it is only getting the relevant feature updates; and 2. it will cost current 2nd-gen iPod touch owners $9.95 for the update. Now for the good stuff.

The (unfortunately named) iPhone 3.0 software update that is also coming to the iPod touch includes the following major enhancements (in order of what I believe is the most useful to the least):

  • Landscape keyboard
  • Spotlight Search
  • Cut, Copy & Past
  • Push Notifications
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Automatic Wi-Fi login
  • Safari “improvements”
  • Sync notes
  • Shake to shuffle
  • Peer to Peer gaming
  • Third-party game accessories

The long overdue addition of a landscape keyboard, search, copy+paste, and push notifications are the most exciting updates, at least to me.

For more, head on over to Apple’s official software update site, and be sure to check back after June 17 for a full review of the iPod touch’s new and improved features.