Polaris: A handy Google Analytics desktop widget

polarisThe folks behind the now-retired desktop Adobe AIR app – Analytics Reporting Suite – released a new Google Analytics tool in the form of a free (for tracking one site) desktop widget named Polaris.

This handy tool (Win / Mac / Linux) utilizes Google’s Analytics API to display your site’s analytics data right on your desktop, in a nice little package. Now you can access your dashboard, visits overview, map overlay, traffic sources, referring sites, top content, keywords, and goal values all from the comfort of your own ‘top.

The team behind Polaris is still working on a more full-fledged Google Analytics desktop app named Dopac, which is currently listed as “coming soon.” Until it arrives (not clear whether Dopac will also be freeware), Polaris is a great tool for anyone who relies on Google Analytics to optimize and keep track of their website.