Hulu Desktop: A step closer to destroying the world

hulu-desktopHulu is one of the best things to happen to online video since, well, ever really. The attractive and easy-as-pie interface combined with legitimate prime-time content (i.e. Fox, NBC, soon ABC, +) has made it a smash success among the cloudizen (i.e. people who spend too much a lot of time online) community.

Hulu has finally stepped up and delivered its very own free standalone app – Hulu Desktop – for both PCs and Macs. This desktop client provides access to most (i.e. videos that its content partners allow) of Hulu’s catalog of content, all without ever needing to fire up your ol’ browser.

After messing around with the app for the past few days (it officially launched last week), I must say, it’s a pretty impressive “beta” product. Besides offering browser-free entertainment, the app boasts remote control support, at least for “Apple and Windows Media Center remotes.” All that’s missing is some quality HD content.

If you enjoy Hulu and (essentially one-click) convenience, give this app a try.