Movie Review: (Disney) Pixar’s Up (in 3-D)

pixar-up-posterI’ve been a huge Pixar fan every since Toy Story hit the big screen back in 1995. Having seen 7 out of the previous 9 movies in the theater (missed A Bug’s Life and Cars – watched ’em on DVD), I was not about to miss out on the animation studio’s latest flick – Up. Man, am I glad I didn’t.

If Pixar was an Olympian, it would be 10 for 10 in gold medal movies (although, personally I didn’t love Cars). The folks behind these intelligent and widely appealing films have an uncanny ability to produce hit after hit after hit.

Disney Pixar’s first 3-D moving picture – Up – is no exception. Some have even gone as far as to call it the film of the year…not as in animated film of the year, but best overall film. I’m not ready to go that far, but I did really like this movie a lot.

For the entire 96 minutes, starting from the opening (3-D) scene and extending until the final credits roll, Up does not miss a beat. This wonderful story about life, love, disappointment, success, adventure and friendship is as captivating and moving as any successful (non-animated) movie can be.

The inclusion of 3-D is alright, but didn’t really add much (if anything) to the movie. If anything, having to wear one-size-fits-all plastic glasses for more than an hour is not ideal. Even so, this is another incredibly well done, well written, highly imaginative Pixar movie that people of all ages will enjoy and appreciate.