Month: June 2009

Download: “Fresh squeezed” Firefox 3.5 now available

That’s right folks. The latest (and greatest?) version of Firefox – 3.5 – is finally here. Download and enjoy!


Photos of the Day: A Pair of White Rhinos

A Pair of White RhinosSweetwaters, Kenya • August 2008 • Nikon D60

Boilr Tweets Weekly Digest: 2009-06-28

Dinosaurs might not have been as huge as previously thought #
Official WDTV feedback, firmware suggestions, etc forum = #
WordPress 2.8.1 to address a number of notable 2.8 issues #
Wireless iPod touch charging now available from WildCharge #
How to Be a Better Photographer When on Vacation – NYTimes #
Costco selling …


DVD: Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse

Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now has been one of my favorite films of all time since the first time I watched it many years ago. While I may not have been alive during the Vietnam War, that doesn’t prevent me from being able to appreciate spectacular film making when I see it. Thus, it should …

WD TV Feedback Site: Suggest / vote on new features

Western Digital finally responded to an email I had sent a few weeks back re: an official WD TV forum, pointing me (and my fellow WD TV owners) to its official feedback site.
There are a few intriguing things about this UserVoice powered forum: 1. WD is showing that it is actually interested in what the …

Photo of the Day: Market Street @ Sunset

Market Street @ SunsetSan Francisco, CA • Sept. 2007 • Nikon D100


Photo of the Day: Inside Seattle’s Central Library

Inside Seattle’s Central LibrarySeattle, WA • April 4, 2008 • Kodak v1253

Share all your posts with FeedMingle and Twitterfeed

If you have more than one blog or online platform that uses RSS and you’re looking for a quick and (relatively) easy way to share all of your posts via RSS and Twitter, give FeedMingle and Twitterfeed a try.
Similar to Yahoo! Pipes, but far less complicated (and also less powerful, but more than adequate for …

Review: iPod touch (2G) with 3.0 Software Update

I’ve had a chance to use and explore the 3.0 Software Update for iPod touch over the last few days. It’s worth noting that I never expected the new and improved features to be life-altering…and they’re not. With that said, the features I was most looking forward to – landscape keyboard, spotlight search, cut copy …

Boilr Tweets Weekly Digest: 2009-06-21

Native NES emulation strikes the Palm Pre #
All-Glass Firefox Enables Transparency Theme Effects #
Yahoo! Pipes for "Everyone" – #
Japanese Ice Suit for Men #
Brabus electric Smart car features electronic exhaust noise simulator #
8th Grader Builds Solar-Powered Bike With GPS, iPod Dock, Seating for 4 #
U.S. Open on you iDevice …