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Photo of the Day: Sunrise in Samburu

Sunrise in SamburuSamburu, Kenya • August 6, 2008 • Nikon D60

Great looking VW (concept) might never be produced

Thanks financial crisis…for (potentially) killing off an awesome feat of automotive engineering thanks to your greedy/needy ways. Word is VW may scrap its awesome Concept BlueSport roadster (for now) due to the foreseeable difficulty of selling a niche vehicle in a down economy.

Introduced back in January @ the North American International Auto Show in …

Photo of the Day: Prinsengracht Centrum Reflection

Prinsengracht Centrum ReflectionAmsterdam, Netherlands • March 24, 2004 • Nikon Coolpix 3100

Photo of the Day: St. Peter’s Square at Dusk

St. Peter’s Square & Basilica @ DuskVatican City • November 30, 2002 • Nikon Coolpix 2500

Guess Angels & Demons (which takes place predominately in Vatican City) is still in floating around in my head. Or maybe I just miss living abroad in Italy…yea, I’m gonna go with the second option.

Angels & Demons: Better Book, Better Movie

Let’s get one thing straight, Dan Brown’s best-selling novels about the adventures of Robert Langdon are far superior to their big screen cousins. With that said, I’ve always thought his first book – Angels & Demons – was better than his more popular, but still enjoyable second take – The DaVinci Code.

The same can …

Boilr Tweets Weekly Digest: 2009-05-17

Obama’s WH Correspondents Dinner Roast/Speech #
If this is legit, it’s terrible news for IMAX fans #
MS urged to give Vista Ultimate users free Win 7 upgrade #
LOST: The Dharma Desktop Initiative #
GO NUGS! Way to take care of the Mavs! #
Last Doc Jensen LOSTicle of the season (5) # …


Update: MINI Speedster becomes MINI Roadster?!

According to the French car publication, L’Automobile, MINI may be ready to reveal its enthusiast ragtop (previously known as the Speedster) – the Roadster – at the upcoming 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

Supposedly, the MINI Cooper Roadster will improve upon the standard Cabrio by dropping the rear seats, shedding some curb weight, and generally …

Poll: How have you watched LOST seasons 1-5?

5 crazy seasons of LOST down, 1 to go. As a real-time viewer, I’m curious how many other people have been subjecting themselves to the weekly mind-melt, or have made the (arguably) wiser decision to absorb via DVD.

[poll id=”8″]


WD TV + Boxee = A match made in media heaven?!

Update: Looks like the dream is over 🙁 …A Boxee employee has already shot this idea down due to “inadequate processing power” (i.e. the hardware ain’t good enough).
Until Western Digital adds native USB WiFi adapter support to the WD TV (like some haxors have already figured out how to accomplish), this is really just a …

Photos of the Day: Elusive Leopard Perched in a Tree

Magnificent & Elusive Chui (Swahili for leopard) Perched in a TreeMasai Mara, Kenya • August 1999 • Nikon N70 (35mm B/W film)