Google Gears + WP image uploader = Firefox crash?

gears-wordpress-image-uploader-firefox-crashAfter a few frustrating days of having the WordPress (flash) file uploader crash Firefox on every attempt, I finally stumbled across a (hopefully short-term) solution: disabling the Firefox Google Gears extension. Anyone who is running a self-hosted WordPress or blog and has installed Google Gears to enable / use WordPress' Turbo feature should be aware of this issue. The strangest part...the issue seems to have come out of the blue. Who knows - maybe Vista Service Pack 2 is to blame?! 😉 Although, as much fun as it is to blame Vista, in all fairness, I did have the same issue on my older XP machine as well. It's not clear where the fault lies - is it WordPress, Adobe Flash, Google Gears, and/or a Mozilla Firefox issue? - but disabling Gears seems to be the best solution @ the moment. Hopefully one of the involved parties will figure out how to prevent this from happening, sooner than later. [via Vectoralia]