WD TV: Pre-release 1.02.08 firmware now available

wd-update-1.02I can't stress enough just how refreshing it is to see Western Digital continue to improve the already solid WD TV hardware through (fairly) regular firmware updates - highly commendable. The latest release pre-release - 1.02.08 - includes the following:
Prerelease 1.02.08 (includes all previously released updates) * Enhanced cover art, album art, and thumbnail support for media files and folders * Additional subtitle languages and decoding support * Improved media playback and navigation * More audio formats for MKV container * Fixed bugs reported by the WD TV user community
To download 1.02.08, head on over to the WD TV product update prerelease site. Keep in mind, there is a reason why it's called a pre-release...as WD points out, "this is beta firmware so use it at your own risk. If you are not comfortable with this, please wait for the final version."