WD TV + Boxee = A match made in media heaven?!

Update: Looks like the dream is over 🙁 …A Boxee employee has already shot this idea down due to “inadequate processing power” (i.e. the hardware ain’t good enough).
wdtv-boxeeUntil Western Digital adds native USB WiFi adapter support to the WD TV (like some haxors have already figured out how to accomplish), this is really just a pipe dream…but hey, what’s wrong with a little dreamin?

The idea here is to combine the best of both worlds: the wonderful, high quality playback of local media stored on USB drives connected to the WD TV along with access to all the great content available online via Boxee. Considering that Boxee is an open source app that can be adapted to a wide variety of hardware platforms, this isn’t a terribly far-fetched idea, especially in light of Boxee’s intentions to license its software to third-party hardware manufacturers (according to Wikipedia). Hint, hint WD.

But seriously, how great would it be if Boxee and WD collaborated on a future firmware release? The WD TV could then compete with the likes of the Apple TV and other streaming content devices, while beating them head-to-head with its broad array of codec support, infinite capacity (thanks to external storage options), and upfront cost (most owners already have an external drive they could use).

Yet another opportunity for WD to capitalize on this already useful gadget.